Our Story

Our mission is to offer custom quality, built-to-order furniture at reasonable prices for style-minded professionals.

Our furniture features creativity rarely seen in the casual contemporary category - fashionable, fresh, and with a relevance that speaks to one’s lifestyle.

– Ryan Scarpelli, Founder

About Custom Craftsmanship

Premium quality and consistency comes from focusing on each detail of the experience. We adhere to our ideals and they inform our work in every step of the process.


Waveland & Clark makes high-quality home furnishings using reputable furniture-makers who know their craft. We make sure everything we build has been tested, inspected, and perfected.

Versatile Designs

Waveland & Clark takes great care in curating playful furniture in modern styles that speak to many aesthetics and spaces.

Tailored Pieces

Using premium materials, we build furniture to-order.

Lasting Value

Our pieces are built to last with materials that retain their value. We offer a full refund, including taxes, for any part of your order that does not pass muster.

Client-Centered Service

From placing an order until delivery, our team is always available to answer questions and check-in with updates. 

Order Placed

Your order is placed using our website or showroom. An email confirmation is sent and we contact you with updates as they become available.

Custom Built

Each piece is made to order by our masterful team of fabricators.

Quality Assurance

Our team inspects your order from top to bottom to ensure the quality meets our standards and yours.

International Freight Shipping

We pack your pieces securely and ship them via international freight.


We’ll contact you to schedule delivery to your home.